About us


We are a team of lawyers which give advice in areas related to business law, corporate, international and in legal proceedings and arbitration.

Similarly, the “Copyrait” department is formed by specialists in intellectual property rights and image, with training and experience in the different applicable areas of this area of law, such as cinema, music, art, culture industries in general, sports and entertainment, artistic heritage and information technologies.

We offer a personalized and accessible attention. Practice demonstrates that in order to achieve effective results is essential to combine the perfect knowledge of law with a deep knowledge of the area in which the client operates.

Our experience to your service. We are by your side side because it is the only way to achieve efficient solutions to your needs.


International Agreements

Our firm is located in Barcelona and from here we maintain contacts and relationships with firms in the major cities of the world. We are members of the International Bar Association (IBA) www.ibanet.org and the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers (IAEL) www.iael.org



The different members of the firm speak several languages; English, French, Italian, Portuguese, as well as Spanish and Catalan. Because of this and of our understanding of foreign cultures, we can attend easily to our clients with international interests.


Legal Translations

We also offer legal translation services, from and to English language.


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